our mission

Legacy Living Ministries (LLM) challenges women of all ages to engage in an active love relationship with God, apply His Word, and disciple like Jesus.

Through our national and international events and resources, we provide biblical and practical training to women in all stages and seasons of life.

Why we exist

Legacy Living Ministries (LLM) is committed to helping women of all ages steward their lives well and we believe that it begins with their personal relationship with God. We challenge women of all ages to an active love relationship with God because we believe that all we say, think, and do stem from this relationship. However, we also firmly believe that one’s relationship with God doesn’t end there. 

God calls us to love those around us well. He leads us to intentionally encourage, challenge and spiritually invest in the lives of others. Our life becomes a legacy for God, a heritage of faith for others to follow, so that well after we are gone – our legacy lives on in the lives we have changed along the way. Those impacted by our life continue to influence and invest in younger generations for God so that the children who are yet to be born would know and put their trust in Him (Psalm 78:6-7).