"This discipleship training broke it down in a way that I could understand. It made it less

intimidating." – Jodi


"I'm a 25-year veteran youth leader. I have seen amazing mentoring and I have also seen ‘dry’ mentoring. This helped bring new life back into me and my passion to mentor

young women." – Judy


“I’ve always known discipleship is “do life together,” but you gave it feet.” – Bernice


“This training was not filled with inspirational vagueness and motivating words, but with

an actual ‘this what you do and this is how you do it’ as a mentor.” – Tanya


"I realized from the discipleship training that as an older Christian - we still have

value." – Nancy


“God’s Spirit was everywhere in this discipleship training! In people’s faces, in women’s

embraces and in the tears shed for joy in hopes that God will lead us to disciple!” – Heidi


“This conference showed me how discipleship is so natural, reminded me to stay

connected in order to bear fruit. Also, I learned how spiritual mentoring is really just being intentional about doing life together.” – Joy


"I need to be spending more time with Him so I can pour out to others." - Rachel


"This training was absolutely helpful and practical for me personally. I have been sitting

on mentoring with small groups for months. This was an obvious call to engage.

Everything was practical and got me. The whole night was a good awesome kick in the

pants." - Kadie


“Tonight was fantastic and, very helpful! I learned ways to come out of the dark and be a light to others. No other words. Thank you for letting God’s light shine through you.

Never stop telling people about Jesus.” ­– Maycee


“Loved the reminder to abide. Loved the reminder to pray and ask the Lord to initiate

relationships as well.” – Kristen