Frequently ASked Questions

  • What can I do to get the most out of Mentoring With No Regrets? 
    This discipleship training is for groups and individuals who want to learn more about mentoring and how to spiritually invest in the young women in their lives. We strongly recommend women to bring a group from their church/ministry, so that there is adequate support following this discipleship training to implement the biblical and practical principles received at this conference.

  • I have a high school student who mentors younger girls. May she attend?
    The typical age range at our MWNR conferences is between the ages 18-90. However, if you have student leaders in your ministries who are investing in the younger women in your church or ministry, they are encouraged to come and glean from this discipleship training too! Discounted student tickets are available.

  • I am not a mom or a current mentor, but I am still interested in attending MWNR. Should I come?
    Yes! This conference is applicable to all females interested in mentoring. No matter your current ministry involvement, if you want to know more about mentoring and learn how to spiritually invest in the lives of the women in your community, this conference is for you!

  • Will this conference be appropriate for someone who is new in her faith?
    Yes! This conference is designed to be helpful for all women, no matter how long they have been walking with the Lord.

  • May dads and youth pastors attend this conference?
    This conference is designed especially for women, but after the conference, we encourage attendees to share the resources mentioned at MWNR with the men in their lives who are interested in discipleship.

  • What if I can’t attend but have already purchased my ticket? 
    Unfortunately, tickets are non-refundable. We encourage you to find someone who may want to attend the conference in your place.

  • How can I bring this conference to my city?
    Click to learn about hosting.

  • How can I support Legacy Living Ministries financially?
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