Coaching is one of the many resources Legacy Living Ministries offers to women of all ages. These coaching opportunities are catalysts for exponential growth in one’s personal, spiritual and leadership formation. These customized coaching sessions are perfect for the individual who is willing and ready to make the necessary changes in their life so that they can enjoy living the calling God has specifically designed them for {TODAY}.

What is coaching?

This one-on-one intentional time provides a safe atmosphere to work through some of the most pressing, personal and precious matters of your current season of life – helping you launch forward in your relationship with God and the impact you have within your sphere of influence (family, home, work, ministry, community, etc.). Each coaching session is customized for each participant. While our trainings and conferences happen a couple times per year in 1 or 2 locations – these coaching opportunities will engage with women throughout the year and throughout the country. Whether online or face-to-face meetings, these resources are available for women in all stages and seasons of life. The biblical and practical tools we provide through our coaching and cohort opportunities will take women to the next level in their personal, spiritual and professional life. We believe women of all ages are influencers in their families, churches, communities and workplaces.


We are committed to investing in women’s spiritual and leadership formation, helping them remove any barriers that are keeping them from living into the calling God has on their lives. Here’s what others have said about these coaching resources offered by LLM’s Executive Director, Stephanie Kaihoi:

"In the short time I've known Stephanie, I'd say she's had a greater impact on me in the area of my ‘leadership’ then any other single person. I am thankful for her investment."

 - Gail, Women's Ministry Director

“Stephanie is thought-provoking, challenging and a supportive Coach. She pushes me beyond what is comfortable and helped me make a big change in my life that I could not have done without her. I can say in full confidence that this coaching experience has changed the trajectory of my personal, spiritual and professional life. I am now learning to trust Him in this current season and I’m experiencing that He is enough for me.”

- Chrissy, Chicago

"As a result of the hours that Stephanie has spent listening to me and strategically asking questions, I sense a growth-spurt in my leadership, intimacy with the Father and marriage. Her coaching is helping me better understand who I am and what I can offer, enabling me to give the best of me in the storms and standstills of life. In all honestly, I previously would not have found much validity in this type of relationship; however, I have found it completely necessary and I can’t help but share what I’ve learned with others!!"

 - Michele, Director of Women’s Disciple-Making Movement in Costa Rica

Is it your time?

Do you feel stuck in an area of your life, or do you feel like you are running into barriers keeping you from living into the kind of person you know God created you to be but aren’t sure how to get there? Do you wish you had someone investing in your personal, spiritual and leadership formation?

Take an opportunity to consider this unique type of coaching catered to meet you where {you are at} and where {you want to be}, resulting in breakthroughs that will deepen both your relationship with God and relationships with others in your life and ministry.


Take a one-month challenge and spend 2 meetings working through one area of your life and ministry that relates to your spiritual, personal or leadership formation. This is a great way to start the coaching process and see it’s impact within 30 days. 


People find that 90 days is a helpful benchmark and provides adequate time and space to achieve realistic and actionable results. This package includes one to two meetings per month. 


This exclusive opportunity is offered to only 5 women per year who want to make a significant life change in their spiritual, personal and professional life. This package includes a one-day solitude retreat in MN, in addition to 12-15 one-on-one coaching sessions throughout 12 months. Coaching sessions range from 1 to 1.5 hours in length. 


This unique, multi-generational LLM Leadership Cohort is for 8-10 women who are interested to learn from each other and take their personal, spiritual and leadership development to the next level. This cohort will be a launching pad for your spiritual and personal growth and aid you in being present with what God is doing in this season of your life and where He is leading you next. This cohort will provide you with the biblical and practical tools you are looking for to deepen your relationship with God and clarify your calling and ministry to others.


For more details on pricing and availability, e-mail