Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is lunch provided? What if I have food allergies?
    Lunch is NOT provided at FWNR conferences. Please bring a bag lunch to eat at the conference or make plans to travel to a nearby restaurant. If you have food allergies that would keep you from eating in the same area as other attendees, please contact

  • What ages should attend?
    We invite all teenage girls ages 14-18 to attend FWNR. We understand, however, that some youth groups meet as 6th–12th grades. If that’s the case with your youth group, we welcome your entire youth group, as the topics mentioned will be applicable to middle school students as well.

  • Is this conference for groups only or can individuals attend alone?
    This conference is for individuals and groups. We strongly encourage women who mentor young women to attend together. However, if it’s just you as a female leader or student we encourage you to bring at least one other person with you to this conference. There’s joy in friendship and accountability, so don’t experience this conference alone. Invite a friend and register today!

  • As a mom, can I attend Finishing With No Regrets?
    This conference is for teenage girls and their female youth leaders. Sometimes moms are also the female leaders in their daughter’s youth group, and we thank God for you! Although this conference is not a mother-daughter event, we encourage moms who are youth leaders to come with their small group. If you are a mom and not a youth leader, we would still love for you to come. Please know our heart behind not making this a mother-daughter event. The issues we deal with are deeply rooted issues that our young women face today. We have found that if daughters are sitting next to their moms they may be less inclined to confront their sin and deal with their relationship with God. Knowing this, many moms choose to participate by volunteering. We need 20–30 volunteers at every FWNR conference. If you are interested in volunteering, please read below for volunteer information.

  • Can I volunteer at this conference? Can my husband?
    Yes! Thank you for asking. We are in need of a team of faithful volunteers who are eager to serve the Lord at FWNR. We would love to have you serve on one of our teams: check-in, merchandise, ushers, hospitality, etc. There are also a few positions open for dads too! If you or your spouse is interested, please contact to register to be a volunteer.

  • Are there group discounts?
    We love when small or large groups attend together. We are offering group discounts for groups of 10 or more people. Please email, so that we can accommodate your group.

  • How can I request information about this event for the Youth Pastor or Ministry Leader at my church?
    Please contact us at We would be glad to send your church/ministry more information about this conference. Thank you for helping us promote FWNR!

  • What if I can’t attend but have already purchased my ticket?
    Unfortunately, tickets are non-refundable. We encourage you to find someone who may want to attend the event in your place.

  • How can I bring this event to my city?
    Click to learn about hosting.

  • How can I support Legacy Living Ministries financially?
    Click to learn about giving.