“Helping people see how what they do every day matters to God and connects to his Kingdom purposes.”

The work has just begun!

The Call to Work has just landed on this website and we'll be working hard over the coming months to get all the information and resources we have up for you. You can check out some basic information below. Keep checking back and thanks for your support! 

What is The Call to Work Course?

The Call to Work Course is a workshop based experience teaching people to approach their daily work issues and opportunities with more of God’s purpose, wisdom, peace, joy and power. Participants learn and practice powerful tools to help them work through a wide range of current work challenges covering everything from conflict to work-life balance to boredom and lack of meaning. The Call to Work Course is facilitated by a local church and typically includes 7 to 12 sessions meeting on a weekly basis.

What is The Call to Work Leadership Training?

The Call to Work Leadership Training equips a team of primarily non-staff leaders within a local church to facilitate a transformative Course experience, and to develop recommendations on how to further advance concepts of whole life discipleship as well as faith & work integration within their local church.

Interested in bringing The Call to Work back to your church?

Email us at info@thecalltowork.org